Search Fee Waiver — Do you volunteer or work for a not for profit organization, whether or not it has received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service under 501 (c)(3)? Are you an environmental activist, scientist, writer, blogger, author? Are you researching a book or article?

If so, you may have special rights under FOIA. You have greater chances of obtaining search fee waivers, particularly if you describe — in your Request — how you’ve used information in the past, how you’ve distributed information in the past and how you’d do that with the records you obtained from your present FOIA request.

Fee Shift on Attorney Fees —  In addition, if you’ve had difficulty obtaining records from a Federal agency, you may have additional rights to obtain the attorney “fee shift.” This means, in appropriate cases, you could have an attorney represent you and the fees, if any, would be paid by the government.